Tuesday, April 15, 2014

“They bombed a finish line- Do you get that? They bombed a finish line.”

“They bombed a finish line- Do you get that?
They bombed a finish line.”

This First- I am writing to honor all who lost their lives, were injured, and affected by the Boston Marathon bombings 4/15/13. Please watch Wayne Levy’s video http://universalsports.com/video/run-as-one-wayne-levy-baa-board-of-directors/ for a moving reflection on the marathon- past an present #whyirun.

Why no one will ever be able to truly bomb our finish line

One year ago, I was at the lululemon Ambassador Summit in Whistler BC. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. One of the lovely gifts they gave us was a lululemon journal with the manifesto inlaid on the cover. I wrote notes, thoughts, and learnings in that book the entire four days of our trip.

It is my nature to take compulsive, detailed notes. I do this because I am afraid I will forget something important. I want to be able to read over my notes and remember, reflect upon, and learn from each moment. If you read the birth story of this blog, you know that my yoga bag was stolen out of my car the summer after the summit (http://theyogabag.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-yoga-bag-blog-birth-story.html).

My husband asked me after the break in, “Why do you put all of your most precious things in one bag and carry them around with you?”

I don’t know- I just do.

So, my notes from that week are gone. All I have are my memories.

Perhaps it is clearer to me now that my notes are gone. It is amazing how loss does this- it helps you see better. I have several  very, very clear memories of the summit that I will never forget.

One is this-

There were about 110 of us from all over the world sitting in chairs imagining our goals. Some of us came from places as far as China others came right from Boston, Massachusetts. The marathon and the bombing had just happened- just happened- the Sunday before our summit. We had travelled far and we were present in that moment, together.

Susanne Conrad (Susanne Conrad http://igolu.com/susanne-conrad) was working us through igolu- a method of changing your life and setting goals. She was telling us about challenges, about staying on mission, about passion, about changing the world through our willingness to set our sights high, to do the work, and show up- show up big (I may not have her exact words without my notes- but this is what I heard and what I remember).

She stopped talking, stood, and looked at us- the moment was bigger than just time and space- something more was in the room. She inhaled and said that we have to do this. That we have to be stronger than the energy that will work against us. She said that the world needs us to work toward our world changing goals- no matter what.

Susanne Conrad then said,

“They bombed a finish Line- Do you get that? They bombed a finish line.”

My eyes filled with tears- as they are now as I write.

She was right. Beautiful souls set their goals and worked. They ran mile after mile. They showed up when it snowed to train. They showed up when they were feeling too sick and tired and trained anyway. They ate right. Hydrated. They travelled. They planned. They rallied. Their loved ones came to watch and support. All of this energy for health, growth, to just do good. I have felt it this kind of energy. I have run 8 marathons and countless half marathons- the energy at these events is nothing but synchronistic, positive life force- it is joy! It peaks as the athletes and their families come to celebrate at the finish line- the culmination, the symbol of their work.

Then, the bombing.

Then this…..

“It pulled us closer together. I don’t think the evil-doers thought it would have that impact on us.” Wayne Levy (video http://universalsports.com/video/run-as-one-wayne-levy-baa-board-of-directors/)

Yep- they have made us stronger!

Each goal I set, each dream I dream, each day that it is hard and I show up anyway- no matter what- I do it for my finish line- yes. But now- I do it for the Boston Marathon 2013 finish line- OUR FINISH LINE.

It is our finish line that can never really be blown up- because I have seen the  strength of those that have risen up. I have seen the community of survivors and the LOVE of Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Marathon 2013 finish line- is now a symbol of strength and our touch-point for all finish lines.

You can’t blow that up. You can’t because it’s ours. It is in our heart beats. It is in each stride we take as we run. It is in each foot that hits the pavement and propels us forward toward our dreams. It is in each and every goal we crush.

Every finish line I cross- whether it be an article published or a race completed. I pause and pray for all finish lines.

That moment at the lululemon Ambassador Summit 2013 was a life changer for me.

Yes, people will try to get to your finish line. There will be energy, resistance, nay-sayers, and even acts of destruction and violence trying to stop you- trying to stop us.

But they won’t. No they won’t.   

That is because together (like Boston Strong- onefundboston.org)- we will help each other get there- no matter what.


Catherine Cook-Cottone
The Yoga Bag

To donate to the Boston Strong Movement- go here- onefundboston.org


Wayne Levy
Having personally logged more than 100,000 miles, Wayne Levy has a genuine love for running and for how the Boston Marathon helps the city to stay strong. Wayne looks forward to the race every year because of its unique ability to bring the entire community together. Following the events of 2013, Wayne has struggled to accept a tragedy that happened on such a joyous and positive occasion, but has not let it stop him in his quest to bring more attention to the sport.

Coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombings

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