Sunday, February 16, 2014

True Beauty: The Beauty and the Beast

True Beauty: The Beauty and the Beast
By Maya Cottone
(Age 13)

we are all different
from our hair, to our toes
to our arms and legs
to our stomachs
to our feet

but we all feel the same things
we all feel happiness and joy

but through and under all that
we feel pain and sorrow

to express it, all we can say is
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish
to be beautiful, to be skinny…
to be like her

the perfect girl that does not exist


the girl on the billboards who is not real


we want to be like her because we have been tricked into thinking she is happy
but how?

how can she be happy?
through the pills and the bulimia
and the standards
how is she happy?
the truth she is not

so we need to happy with ourselves
we all know how to cut our wrists
and not eat our food but that is not who we are

we are girls
we are not fake


so let go of the sorrow and the pain
because you are beautiful

I once heard a wise man say
“you are perfect through all of your imperfections”
he did not mean thinking you are ugly or fat
or popular
he meant believing it

so look at yourself and say
I am beautiful
because it is true
all you need to do is believe it

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