Friday, October 3, 2014

Make Yourself Uncomfortable Once a Day

Make Yourself Uncomfortable Once a Day

Even though I am a grown-up and all that, I still like to have long talks with my Dad about life. We were talking Wednesday morning about what it takes to have a good life. He told me that he makes himself uncomfortable at least once a day.

It’s funny how you can be so similar to someone in very powerful ways and not know it. I explained to my Dad that I do the same thing- and I think that makes all of the difference.

I have come to realize that what has allowed me to achieve my goals occurs in a moment. There is a moment- a critical moment- when you decide…

When I am working on something- a book, a run, a yoga posture- a moment occurs when I think, “I am done. This is hard.” It is in that moment that I tell myself, “Catherine, this is the moment when most people quit. This is the moment that separates the people who get things done from those who don’t. Truth- this is the moment that will define you as the Catherine who achieves her goals or the Catherine that wishes she had.”

I often pause here and breathe. I honor the moment for what it is- life changing.

Then, I make myself uncomfortable. When running, I go the extra mile. In yoga, I breathe five more breaths. When writing-- I persist- maybe for an hour, maybe for two.

In a week of these moments, I have anywhere from 7 to 14 hours. In a year, that is 364 to 728 hours--or what math tells me is 15 to 30, 24-hour days. Do you get that? In a year- I have given myself 2 weeks to a full month dedicated solely to my dreams.

Trust me. I take breaks and enjoy life. I eat pizza, watch movies, and kick my feet up. Yes. I do that. However, I do that after I persist. It is then- that the breaks are all the sweeter. They are not clouded by unlived dreams or lost goals. They are clear spaces of rest and restoration. They feel good- full and wholesome.

What could happen for you, if just once a day, you made yourself uncomfortable? What would you do with the minutes, breaths, or hour?

Try it. Do it.

Your dreams are worth it.

And do not worry, I promise the TV shows you are not watching are recorded by someone, somewhere. And they will be all the sweeter after you persist.



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