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Preparing for Your 108 Sun Salutations (1/23/2016) YOGIS IN SERVICE 4th ANNUAL SUNS

Preparing for Your 108 Sun Salutations
Written by Steve Procknal & Catherine Cook-Cottone

Yogis in Service, 2016

What to expect:

  • A room full of happy yogis
  • Between 2 and 2 and 1/2 hours of Sun Salutations
  • The suns will start slow, expand to a challenging set of salutations, and then slow down at the end. 
  • A lot of fun. 
  • A raffle
  • T-shirt sales
  • Finishing card!

What to bring:

  • Water bottle- bring between 20 and 40 ounces of water. You can refill at the 1/2 break
  • Electrolyte drink
  • Yoga mat
  • Hand towel
  • Mat towel
  • Cash, credit card, or checks for raffle/t-shirts
  • Your love of yoga!

To prepare for a 2+hour  practice/exercise (e.g., 108 Sun Sals): 

   Just eat normally leading up to that day, maybe increase your calories a bit but nothing major. 
   You do not need to eat some massive carb meal the night before, that will only hurt you the next day because your body will still be breaking that down and trying to eliminate it. 
   Trying to drink excessive water leading up to that day to hydrate won't be additionally beneficial. 
   Add a bit more fluids each day, a bit more than normal and a bit more calories/carbs and you will be fine. 

What to do the day of the Suns:

   The day of: I would eat a nice balanced full breakfast, get fats, carbs and protein. Examples. Oatmeal and fruit. Nut butter and toast with a banana. A green smoothie. Eggs, toast and fruit. Something along the lines of that. Keep it on the lighter side. 
   Start increasing your water a bit early on in the day. Something like 2 water bottles before noon. Have another done before 3pm.
   Have a snack late morning. Greek Yogurt, some almonds or brasil nuts or dried fruit, or fruit. 
   Then, the key is to eat your next meal before 1:30, whatever you normally eat for lunch that works for you.  
   Have a small snack about an 60-90 min before 4:30 PM. Dates are great. A handful of granola. 1/2 an Avocado with a little bit of salt. Celery is a great natural electrolyte (e.g., maybe celery and a touch of hummus). 

During the Suns: 

   During practice make sure you have a water bottle to hold enough water, either choose an electrolyte drink you always use or grab another brand, Vega products are  good. Coconut water. Water is fine for at least an hour, your body doesn't really need to get any extra calories until after an hour of strenuous exercise. So even if you brought a Date or two, an energy gel, half a banana and took that half way through you will be fine. Depending on how long you have been doing yoga you may not need anything. Our bodies become efficient when we do the same exercises and we don't need as much. 

After the Suns:

   Post work out your most important thing is to replenish the carbs you lost, not protein. About 4 Grams carbs to every 1 Gram of protein. Or you can grab whatever makes you feel good. Get some carbs first and then add some protein. 
   Drink plenty of fluids later and you will be fine. You can add a touch more salt to your food to replenish your salts lost. (I know this sounds serious, I am just giving you the broad facts so you can take what you need for you). 

Mostly, HAVE FUN and eat and drink enough. You can always take a break in child's pose and grab a drink at the water fountain. We will be pausing at 1/2 for raffle, drink, and bathrooms. 

Can't wait to see you there!

The Sun Salutation Team, 

Catherine, Steve, and Candice

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