The Yoga Bag Home Practice

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The Yoga Bag Home Practices

For those of you who are working on your home practice, I am posting sequences as I do them at home. You can pull this up on your computer or print to structure your practice. The general framework is Journey Into Power (JIP) sequence by Baron Baptiste. I add in sequences and asanas as I am working on them. For more information on JIP and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga go to:

Home practices will be stored on a hidden page on the blog. You can link for each post of home practice, link from the About-The-Yoga-Bag link, or search directly. 

They are listed by date (with a short description):

1/5/14- Long Practice, Lots of Suns - The Yoga Bag Home Practice 1.5.14
1/6/14- Basic Practice with Challenge Option- The Yoga Bag Home Practice 1.6.14
1/7/14- Blizzard Melting Kickass Practice- The Yoga Bag Home Practice 1.7.14
1/8/14- Arms and Half Moons- The Yoga Bag Home Practice 1.8.14

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