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This page links you to selected blog entries and research team work that addresses yoga. The research team, led by Catherine Cook-Cottone, is located at the University at Buffalo. Includes blogs from the 

Africa Yoga Project (AYP) Research Mission (2013):


Wall at Mama Fatuma Orphanage in Kenya

See Cook-Cottone Faculty Web Page and Google Scholar link below:

Faculty Page:

Google Scholar (A quick way to access research articles by Catherine Cook-Cottone)- Click link below:
Go to Google Scholar and Type in Cook-Cottone

Africa Yoga Project Research Team Photos and Blogs


Video Preview of AYP on CNN

Full CNN AYP Story

Ready to Research (Research Supplies and Hawwao's Hats)

Welcome To Kenya
Joyce Welcomes the Team at Nairobi Airport

Catherine and Jerry at Gracia Gardens Nairobi, Kenya

Entry 1

Catherine, Paul (artist), Jerry

Entry 2

Research Team Collecting Data

Entry 3

Research Team Bonding (Jessalyn, Musa, Carla, Steve, and Brooke)

Entry 4

Jessalyn and her new Friend

Entry 5

Researching Our Feet Off : )

Entry 6

Brittany on her Birthday

Entry 7

Research Team Meeting at the Shine Center (Jemo, Irene, Musa, Wanji, Nan, and Brooke)

Research Team Meeting at the Shine Center (Jerry, Carla, Joyce, Jemo, Irene)

Research Team Meeting at the Shine Center (Steve, Susan, and Angie)

Nan and Angie with Nan's T-shirt Gifts
Nan and Wanji at Shine Center

Entry 8

Jerry and My Room at Gracia Gardens, Nairobi, Kenya (Nice, right?)

Entry 9

Jessalyn and Carla Inputting Phase One Data

Entry 10

Irene Saving the Day at the Printers in Nairobi. Phase Two Ready to GO!!!

Entry 11

Musa, Jessalyn, and Jerry (Phase One Printouts in Hand- We started calling all data and Printouts our Babies)

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