Zuri's People (An Overview of the Poeple is Zuri's Life)

This page summarized the people in Zuri's life so you can keep track. 

What is it like where Zuri lives (East-side of Buffalo)? Watch this- PLACE MATTERS http://youtu.be/saREW_BfxwY

Zuri- 13 year-old girl who found the yoga bag

Eric- Zuri's 16 year-old brother who stole the yoga bag with a friend. He is struggling and it looks like he might be okay

Rashan- Zuri's 5 year-old brother

Sherece- Zuri's mom. She has had a lot of very difficult things happen to her. She is an alcoholic.

Emily- Zuri's best friend since pre-k. Her parents are teachers and she has an older brother and sister.

Mary (U.S. name)- Zuri's maternal bibi (grandmother in Swahili). Was in rehabilitation or inpatient for much of Sherece's life. She has passed away. Born in Kenya.

George (U.S. name)- Zuri's maternal babu (grandfather in Swahili) was a hardworking migrant worker. Raised Sherece and Jasmine (Zuri's mom and Aunt). Born in Kenya.

Mrs. Klein- Teacher at Zuri's school. Raised $$ all summer for kids' school supplies

Miss Ely- Science teacher at Zuri's School

Aunt Jasmine- Zuri's aunt, works at a bank. A strong woman.

Jayla- A girl in Zuri's grade. So far she and Zuri don't get along. More to come.

Thomas- A 16 year-old boy who lived three streets over. Eric's friend. Shot as a bystander in a shooting targeting someone else.

Mrs. Connor- Zuri's pre-algebra teacher.

Miss Amanda- The yoga teacher who volunteers at Zuri's school. She is 25 years old. She teaches at a yoga studio in Snyder, NY- just outside of Buffalo. Her name means Loved One.

Mrs. Rocco- Zuri's Reading Coach. She helps older kids mentor younger kids in reading at the elementary school.

Sammy- A little first grade boy with Down syndrome that Zuri mentors in reading.

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