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Catherine's Bio:

Catherine Cook-Cottone, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher, and an Associate Professor at SUNY at Buffalo. She is founder and president of Yogis in Service (, teaches yoga through Yogis in Service and Power Yoga Buffalo, and is a university researcher specializing in embodied self-reulaiton and psychosocial disorders. At the university she teaches classes in counseling with children and adolescents, service and self-care, mindful therapy, and yoga for health and healing.

She maintains a private practice specializing in the assessment and treatment of: anxiety-based disorders (e.g., PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder), eating disorders (including other disorders of self-care), and development of emotional regulation skills.

Catherine is available for (a) mentoring, (b) workshops (e.g., Bringing Yoga to Your School, Eating Disorder Prevention [Girls Growing in Wellness and Balance Curriculum], Creating Life Changing Goals [Staff Development], and Yoga and Body Acceptance, and (c) speaking engagements. See contact information below to inquire about dates and fees.

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Catherine's yogic view: 

Long before I took my first yoga class, I loved the idea of yoga- the integration of body and mind in service of the soul. What is not to love about that? Yet, much like my relationship with ballet, yoga was for those with flexibility and grace. It was, most certainty, not for me. Despite my certitude, a good friend dragged me to a yoga class over 12 years ago. I was afraid of being embarrassed, falling, and being the only one in the room who could not reach her toes. I went anyway. As the class ended, I was lying in savasana with an amazing sense of what I can only call a big-hearted feeling of love and happiness. You see, yoga was for me and my tight hamstrings. It turns out that you don’t need to be perfectly graceful and flexible. You just need to be. And so, this is why I teach. I want to show you the way to that big-hearted love and happiness. And maybe somewhere along the way, your hamstrings will let go a little bit and you will find your toes.

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Yoga Training
I believe the greatest teachers are always students. I love learning and I love going to school! I have trained with Amazing yogis including

Baron Baptiste, see

Seane Corn, see
Rolf Sovik, see
Sandra Anderson, see
Greg Capitolo, see
Carrie Demers, see
Sherrie Friedrichsen, see
Michelle Giganti, see
Ana Forrest, see

So far I have received a 200-hour certification from:

1. The Himalayan Institute at
2. Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga at

And a 500-hour certification from Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. 

I am a registered Yoga teacher at Yoga Alliance see

Catherine Teaches at Power Yoga Buffalo- click link below for schedule

Catherine Cook-Cottone's Yoga Research Page

University at Buffalo Faculty and Research Pages

Faculty Page

UB Research Page
University at Buffalo Research Page

Catherine's Address:

Department of Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology     

424 Baldy Hall     

SUNY at Buffalo     

Buffalo, NY 14260

Search for Catherine on University at Buffalo's, SUNY web pages and you can find her email through the department  web page or the university's search box. 

Here is Catherine as a member of the team teaching Yoga at the White House 2016 and 2015 at the White House Easter Egg Roll as part of Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign (Thank you Leah Cullis-

This is Catherine taking a photo at Glenn's Falls in Williamsville. One of her favorite runs 
(the falls are just 3 miles from her house). 

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