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The Yoga Bag Home Practice- 1.5.2014

The Yoga Bag Home Yoga Practice

For those of you who are working on your home practice, I am posting sequences as I do them at home. You can pull this up on your computer or print to structure your practice. The general framework is Journey Into Power (JIP) sequence by Baron Baptiste. I add in sequences and asanas as I am working on them. For more information on JIP and Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga go to:

Home practices will be stored on a hidden page on the blog. You can link for each post of home practice, link from the About-The-Yoga-Bag link The Yoga Bag Home Practice Link, or search directly.


·      Child’s pose.
·      Down dog.
·      Three legged do right leg then left leg bent and open.
·      Down dog.
·      Walk feet forward, forward fold.
·      Rag doll (opposite hand opposite bicep).


·      Sun As (a few times).
·      Sun Bs- today I did 10 Sun Bs with warrior I to warrior II, to peaceful warrior on each side. To keep track, I use pebbles and a bowl (see photo). As I finish each sun salutation, I put a rock back in the bowl. This way I can focus on my breath and not worry about counting.

·      Sun B, warrior I (hands interlace behind and draw down back leg) to warrior III (hands bound) both sides (at every down dog 10 frog jumps- yeah- your heart will get beating).
·      Sun B- at down dog walk, three legged dog, walk hands back to back foot, take one hand then the other to the ankle- standing split- hands to floor, draw lifted leg in, hug in, roll up to stand lifted leg presses forward to front wall- heel out toes toward your shin (hold 5 breaths)- draw foot back to airplane- to standing split- walk hands forward to plank lifted ankle lands on grounded ankle- 5 high plank to low plank- to down dog- repeat to other side.
·      Sun B at warrior I, warrior II, twisting ½ moon, ½ moon. Other side.
·      Sun B- 3 legged flip dog to side plank. Other side.

·      Sun B to crescent lunge, twist, side angle, bird of paradise. Other side.
·      Chair pose, twice each side hands in prayer (breathe 5 breaths at prayer and 5 breaths hands open).
·      Crow to headstand, float to side crow open legs, back to side crow back to headstand (other side) then back to crow, jump to low plank to down dog.

·      Eagle both sides.
·      Eagle, to airplane, to ½ moon, to dancer.
·      Extended leg lift (hand on outside/baby toe side of foot), extend forward then to the open side- both sides.
·      Tree- both sides- I added the crow arm balance.

·      Warrior I, warrior II, triangle, bottom arm reaches to the side drawing the bottom lung under, top lung over. Hold 5 breaths.
·      Wide legged forward bend to firefly.
·      Namaste forward facing fold to twisting triangle.
·      Low lunge to hanumasana (splits).
·      Down dog to other side.

·      Camel to wheel to camel.
·      5 wheels for 10 breaths.
·      1 wheel for 20 breaths (right leg lifts for first 10, left leg for second 10).

·      Block between thighs, legs lifted, soles of feet to ceiling toes toward shins- 100 lifts (hands by ears elbows wide).
·      Bicycle prep extend opposite hand past opposite knee- crunch in for 20 (do sets of 20 on each side twice).
·      Feet on floor knees bent, crunch up for 20.
·      120 Degree angle at hips feet lifted toward wall, hands extended outside of thighs chest lifts, shoulder in- crunch for 20.

·      Strap on right foot, hold strap in right hand, leg extends to right- long and straight an then over to the left- 20 to 30 breaths at each- switch legs.
·      Double pigeon both sides.

·      Handstand with support.

Deep Rest
·      Savansana and Seated Meditation.

Have fun!



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